EEG-based Depression Severity Evalution

Click "Choose File", and select a EEG file (only .edf) on your local file system.

AI-assisted Depression Severity Analysis

The EEG-based depression severity evaluation is based on a proprietary AI algorithm to analyze the EEG features that are characteristics for depression severity. The level of depression severity is corresponding to Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D 17 questions version) which is divided into four levels. The value 1 represents the subthreshold depression (HAM-D score 0-7). The value 2 represents the mild depression (HAM-D score 8-16). The value 3 represents the moderate depression (HAM-D score 17-23). The value 4 represents the severe depression (HAM-D score > 23). The mean value represents the global mean of EEG-based depression severity across all EEG channels and the regional depression severity score is also given for each channel.


The EEG-based depression severity evaluation platform is provided by Digital Medicine and Smart Healthcare Research Center, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Taiwan and is solely used for research purpose. We do not retain any EEG data on this cloud service. The results are only for supplementary information for the evaluation of depression severity and is neither responsible nor representative for the diagnostic use.